Become A Canadian – Easy. Fast. Professional!

Immigration to Canada is not easy, but it is possible - as long as you meet the eligibility requirements and complete the application process successfully.


Over 340,000 foreign nationals from various countries move to Canada every year, and the goal of Become A Canadian is to help you and your family do the same, and have the opportunity to enjoy the high standard of living that Canada has to offer. 


Become A Canadian works with authorized Canadian immigration consultants who can evaluate your options for immigration to Canada and, if you qualify, walk you through the Canadian immigration process, explaining exactly what you need to do, and answering all your questions along the way.


If you want to move to Canada, Become A Canadian is committed to facilitating your optimal Canadian immigration solution!

What Can We Do For You?

It is easy to explore your options for a work visa to Canada with this simple 5 Stage Procedure:

  1. Assessment Stage – Learn about your best Canadian work visa option, based on an assessment of your personal profile by the authorized immigration consultants who collaborate with Become A Canadian.
  2. Verification Stage – The necessary documentation is collected and evaluated by the authorized immigration consultants.
  3. Preparation Stage – The authorized immigration consultants will properly prepare your forms prior to submission.
  4. Application Stage – The authorized immigration consultants will send your details to the government agency that issues Canadian visas.
  5. Final Stage – Guidance is given by the authorized immigration consultants for the health and character confirmation.

Canadian Immigration Advantages

  • Work in Canada – There are excellent Canadian employment opportunities available to immigrants.
  • High Standard of Living – The residents of Canada are among the wealthiest, healthiest, happiest people in the world.
  • Family Sponsorship – Canadian permanent residents may sponsor eligible family members to live in Canada.
  • Canadian Citizenship – Permanent residents of Canada can apply for Canadian citizenship once they meet the criteria.

Become A Canadian Benefits

  • You can receive an eligibility evaluation and personalized assistance from authorized immigration consultants who are subcontracted by Become A Canadian.
  • The authorized immigration consultants can simplify the Canadian immigration process for you, make sure it is done correctly and answer your questions throughout the procedure.
  • A convenient and secure payment system makes these services affordable.
  • Excellent customer service at every stage of the procedure is available in multiple languages.
  • Become A Canadian offers products and services that may be helpful for people who want to immigrate to Canada.