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Become A Canadian Services

Become A Canadian (BecomeACanadian.org) is a private company (not affiliated with the Canadian government) that subcontracts authorized Canadian immigration consultants to provide professional evaluations and personalized assistance to the clients of Become A Canadian who are seeking to immigrate to Canada. Thousands of people want to move to Canada to find better opportunities in life, but many do not successfully complete the Canadian immigration procedure because of its complexity or for other reasons. The experienced immigration consultants who work with Become A Canadian can simplify the process of applying for a permanent resident visa to Canada for you and your family and guide you confidently throughout the procedure!


Authorized Canadian Immigration Representatives

Become A Canadian subcontracts Great North Immigration Inc. and Parsis Immigration Services to perform eligibility screening of profiles of becomeacanadian.org end-users. This service is provided in accordance with our Terms of Use (authorized representatives) and under the terms and conditions made available by Great North Immigration Inc. here and by Parsis Immigration Services. Become A Canadian is not an agent of Great North Immigration Inc. or its consultants nor of Parsis Immigration Services and its consultant.


Great North Immigration Inc. is managed and operated by Mr. Amir Shuval and Ms. Sigal Barak, who are both highly experienced Canadian immigration consultants. During the past decade, Mr. Shuval and Ms. Barak assisted numerous individuals, from all over the world, secure both permanent and temporary residence visas for Canada.


Parsis Immigration Services looks at the various ways that you can immigrate to Canada and chooses the best option for you. Dr. Ramin Khodaie, the Director of Parsis Immigration Services, is a regulated Canadian immigration consultant who has helped hundreds of immigrants (including businesspersons, entrepreneurs, families, artists and students) from all over the world to obtain their Canadian visas so they can live in Canada. Dr. Ramin Khodaie has more than 10 years of experience in providing Canadian immigration related assistance and representing clients in all types of immigration categories and especially with the Quebec immigration program.


Their status as “Authorized Representatives” under Canada’s immigration law allows them to represent individuals in a wide range of Canadian immigration matters before federal and provincial immigration authorities.


To learn about your best option for Canadian immigration, click here!


Immigration to Canada Made Simple!

The goal of Become A Canadian is to make applying for a permanent resident visa to Canada as easy as possible for our clients. This begins with a professional Canadian immigration evaluation performed by the authorized immigration consultants who Become A Canadian subcontracts.


The first step of the process is to find out which of several Canadian immigration programs you are in the strongest position to apply for. Therefore, we have created a user-friendly online assessment application form where you can enter your relevant details to submit to the immigration consultants that we work with for their professional evaluation. Within 14 days, you will receive your Assessment Results which will inform you about your best option for immigration to Canada.


If you are evaluated as likely to meet the eligibility requirements to apply for a particular Canadian visa program, the experts who collaborate with Become A Canadian can also walk you step-by-step through the immigration process to make sure it is done correctly and answer any questions you may have. This can help you to avoid costly mistakes and inconvenient delays so that you can have the best opportunity possible to move to Canada.


Another way that we simplify the Canadian immigration process for you and your family is with our convenient payment system. Many immigration consultancies require the full payment for their services at the beginning of the procedure, which can cost you several thousand dollars at the front end, regardless of the outcome. At Become A Canadian, we understand that many people want to immigrate to Canada in order to improve their economic situation, so we have made our services affordable. We have several secure payment methods available, plus you can pay as you go through each step of the process, instead of paying for everything in advance.


Benefits of the Services

You can benefit from the services in several important ways:


  • Excellent customer service at every stage of the procedure

  • Affordable access to professional services

  • Assessment of your best Canadian visa option, based on your personal profile

  • Individualized guidance in properly applying for the most suitable Canadian visa program

  • Accurate preparation of forms and correct submission with the required documents

  • Stay informed throughout the Canadian immigration procedure

  • Answer your questions throughout the procedure


In short, Become A Canadian makes it easy and affordable to apply for a work visa to Canada by helping you and your family move forward with the Canadian immigration process as quickly and smoothly as possible, guided by the authorized immigration consultants we subcontract!


Become A Canadian Is Here to Help!

Immigration to Canada is not easy, but it is possible – as long as you meet the eligibility requirements and complete the application process successfully. Over 340,000 foreign nationals from various countries move to Canada every year, and the goal of Become A Canadian is to help you and your family do the same, and have the opportunity to enjoy the high standard of living that Canada has to offer. Become A Canadian works with authorized Canadian immigration consultants who can evaluate your options for immigration to Canada and, if you qualify, walk you through the Canadian immigration process, explaining exactly what you need to do, and answering all your questions along the way. If you want to move to Canada, Become A Canadian is committed to facilitating your optimal Canadian immigration solution!


Important Note

Become A Canadian is a private company and is neither a member nor an agent of the CICC and has no relationship to the CICC or the Canadian government. Become A Canadian is not a law firm and does not provide legal services or legal advice. Become A Canadian subcontracts authorized Canadian immigration consultants in order to provide eligibility assessments and guidance during the application process to the clients of Become A Canadian. Individuals are free to apply on their own for immigration to Canada on the government website; however, many people choose to receive the professional services provided by the authorized immigration consultants that Become A Canadian subcontracts, in order to make the process easier to complete, make sure their forms are filled out and submitted correctly and to answer their questions about the procedure.